The Kings in this set are Van Helsing on the Hunter side of the board and Frankenstein on the Monster side.

One Frankenstein and one Van Helsing are included in each set and are approximately 4 ½ inches high. The number of the set is etched under their base.

Van Helsing highlights include his left hand concealing a pistol under his trenchcoat.

Artist's Note:

Yeah, I know 'Frankenstein' is the name of the creator, not the creature, and 'VanHelsing' conjures up pictures of Hugh Jackman. But the 'Monster' King is massive, made of stitched together body parts, and the 'Hunter' King is sporting a giant wooden stake and is holding a pistol under his trench coat. So the names seemed appropriate..

Please click on 'ROTATE' to view the Kings from all four sides.