The Queens in this set are the 'Redneck' on the Hunter side of the board and 'Death' on the Monster side.

One Death and one Redneck are included in each set and are approximately 4 1/8 inches high.

Artist's Note:

Since the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, these had to be intimidating and brutal, but keep their femininity. The 'Redneck' is armed with a chainsaw, wooden stakes, strip of shotgun shells, and a shotgun concealed behind her back. 'Death' counters by... well... being 'Death'...also, I don't mean to offend with the term 'redneck'. I just like the image of a country girl, sporting a trucker cap and jean shorts, but armed like Bruce Campbell.

Please click on 'ROTATE' to view the Queens from all four sides.