We currently do not have online ordering available. If interested in purchasing a set, please email us at marchingdog@yahoo.com We would be pleased to answer any other questions you might have.

Oh, and to save you some time, here are some answers to most of the questions we get:

  • The MONSTER/HUNTER set costs $300 US, shipping not included. Shipping and handling tends to cost $20 US, and the sets are mailed USPS, priority class.

  • The sets are cold-cast, using real marble.

  • A board is not included.
  • Sets 1 through 32 have been sold. Set #33 is the next available set.
  • If you are serious about purchasing a set, and no sets are currently available, we will place your name on a waiting list. We'll inform you of the estimated time to complete your set, and notify you once it is finished.
  • This site has NOTHING TO DO WITH welostourgold.com..
  • Please do not ask us any questions about pirate treasure, or look for clues on this website. The sculptor is simply the artist behind the 'Pirate' sets/props/etc., so W.L.O.G. was kind enough to add a link to view his other work. We can't tell you anything about 'clues' or 'lost gold'.
  • We are an independent company, dedicated to quality work, and none of our products will be rushed or mass-produced. Each piece of sculpture is made by hand.